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The philosophy videos showcase raw footage of Red sharing his phenomenology, while the Philosophy videos show how Reality embodies the unsaid, unwritten, unspoken, etc. It is through self-discovery that we can demarcate, name, analyze, and synthesize understanding but it is through waking up, living, interacting, eating, sleeping and fulfilling biological calls to action that we influence and are influenced by preconscious changes in dynamic.

"Black Power"

(30"x40"; Acrylic on Canvas)



The videos also stand to inspire anyone watching to appreciate raw things, appreciate processes that refine these things, and to feel confident in “small beginnings” and unfinished work because these are the seeds that develop into the grandiose. Being able to already visualize the development can be used as an incentive to keep things plain to find balance in the aesthetic. Some things are developed, some underdeveloped, and some overdeveloped, and it is the gestalt which is appreciated ultimately.



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