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Red x UPLIFT Academy

In December 2016, Red earned the opportunity to create and implement an art therapy curriculum at an alternative education high school in his hometown, Newark, NJ. Excited about this opportunity and the partnership with Youthbuild Newark, Newark Public Schools, Red developed CHILL Art Therapy Class, which was a hybrid between Art Therapy and Art Education. The program was very successful and Red was approved to extend what was originally a 5-week pilot into a component of the school's curriculum for the next two and a half years. 


During the early months of 2017, per administrative requests, Red collaborated with students of UPLIFT Academy to install interior murals in the building. Students, under the leadership of other staff members, drew out their ideas for what they wanted to see on the murals and Red received this long roll of brown paper with images, words, and symbols that reflected the student-artists' visions for the school. Red then worked in partnership with the student-artists to create most of the murals pictured below. Student-artists' anonymity is preserved but it is acknowledged, where appropriate, that these murals were collaborative efforts with the student-artists of UPLIFT Academy mainly between January and June 2017; some of the murals were created in 2019.

Unless otherwise stated, all media (drawings, paintings, videos, art, etc.) on this entire site were created by, and remain the exclusive, intellectual property of, Davynte Pannell, artistically and philosophically known as Red [The Philosopher]. Feel free to share for educational purposes only.

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