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Everything is Everything

Art and Philosophy Exhibition by Red

Everything is Everything is an art exhibition and philosophy presentation by contemporary philosopher, Red, culminating a year of phenomenological research in Newark, NJ. This event is designed to expose the common thread that runs throughout society and bring people together in acknowledgement of ourselves as souls beneath our chosen identities and dress. By reducing our diet of information to consider about ourselves and others to the basic appreciation of life or animation, we can disengage from our internal emotional stressors and struggles for a minute to reflect on those traumatic experiences and share with others in a healing catharsis. The paintings, poetry, and philosophy of Red are an experience to be had, and it is in sharing this experience and sharing their thoughts about it, that people bond and have a good time.   

El Jardin De Rojo

The concept of the rose that pushes through concrete is well-known in the Black Community, as internationally renowned artists such as Tupac and Lauryn Hill have made mention of it in their music. The idea remains relevant in our community because of the systemic sociopolitical barriers that Black people face as a symptom of a deeper, double discrimination against the poor, against Blacks, and especially against poor Blacks. The rose that pushes through concrete symbolizes the success we find when we persevere through these barriers and remain beautiful despite the social, economic, personal, and health hardships we face. By showing the image of the rose that pushes through concrete, we hope to inspire the viewers to persevere through their own struggles. 

True Religion

The true religion is the one you practice and preach.  
This series of 29 paintings, ranging from 4”x4” to 36”x48”by Red express his phenomenological findings. The medium is acrylic on canvas, wood, and marble. To give an example, some paintings highlight the carnal lust between man and woman and its impact on the daily lives of these sexes, reinforcing the idea of the ankh. Other paintings are more abstract and demonstrate responses to emotional pain, financial hardship, poverty, stress, and death.  
This series draws attention to the importance of sex as it relates to maintaining a strong family dynamic. Why this topic?  
Historically, the Black Family Dynamic (BFD) has been attacked via the Tuskegee Experiments, Eugenics Movement, Eurocentric beauty standards, socioeconomic protocols and education disparities, as well as the recent and past shootings, lynchings, and beatings of Black men and women. Tactics for perpetually destroying the BFD have been enumerated in the infamous Willie Lynch letter. Even when looking at early psychology, tests that included measuring skull sizes as a means to compare the races and suggest the idea of Black Inferiority have contributed to the breakdown of the Black Family Dynamic through the breakdown of Black people’s self-esteems, sense of belonging to a greater group, and access to resources and opportunities.   

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