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The Pervasion of Indigenous/ African Spirituality in the African American Experience

Spoken word is a powerful tool that is used to change the world. Words refer to phenomena and when words combine, the way these phenomena are perceived and understood are influenced. When the first humans began to speak, they used words to communicate. But what was being communicated? One person's perception of the world is shared with another and our intersubjectivity became a proxy for Objectivity. Although we are thousands of years away from the original soothsayers, mystics, gnostics, and ancient mages of history, the powers they mastered still exist and are available for us to employ. African Americans, specifically, are born into a culture that carries the rich legacy of our ancestors, including the great spiritual leaders and scholars - famed and unnamed. In elementary, we begin to test our dominion over the physical reality through casting verbal spells listed below. This is both sociocultural and innate, as these powers and the cultures that cultivated them have been passed down through our bloodlines. 


Circle Circle

Dot Dot

Now I got my Cootie Shot

Missed me

Missed me

Now you gotta 

Kiss me


Not It

Im like Rubber

You're like Glue

Whatever you say 

Bounces off of me

And sticks to you

Shut don't go up

Prices do

Take my advice

You shut up too

Shut don't go up

Cars go fast

Take my advice

Kiss my ass

Sticks and stones

May break your bones

But words

Can never hurt me

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