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The Museum of Red

Curated by Davynte Pannell


Our mission is to support the creation, development, and sharing of art and philosophy in order to improve the quality of life. Namely, the works of Davynte Pannell, artistically and philosophically known as Red [The Philosopher], are shared as a vehicle for improving quality of life.

Red The Philosopher

Red is a contemporary philosopher and artist from Newark, New Jersey. Growing up in one of Newark’s West Ward sections, Red was exposed to competing societies – both the hood and academia, predisposing his philosophy to be multi-faceted, seemingly hypocritical, and reminiscent of Stoicism.

 Tropes like “that’s life” and “it is what it is” became mottos for life that crystallized his perception of that which is as being. These aphorisms softened the blows of relatives dying, put pavement on scars too deep to heal without stitches, and chopped enough truth into bite-sized pieces to be under- and overstood.

Red’s philosophy blossomed from the archetypical Stoic into an idiosyncratic array of dispositions which he learned to manifest through creative expression. When Red moved to Washington, D.C., he intermingled with some of the greatest minds in the Black community and shared his philosophy through words, photos, paintings, and videos. He also learned about the Black and African histories, systematic suggestions of ideas of black inferiority globally, and sociopolitical and economic constraints that are designed to dissuade Black people’s mobility.

Now that Red has returned home to Newark, New Jersey, he continues to express his philosophy through whatever medium is readily available. It is through his art exhibitions such as “Transcendence”(2015), “Baecation” (2016), “Interlude” (2016),  "Everything is Everything" (2016), "Unabashed Emission" (2017), and "A People to Heal" (2019), that he encourages, inspires, and uplifts the community to tenaciously pursue and accomplish their dreams. His art supports the maintenance of positive self-regard, self-love, and connecting with others in shared feelings in order to transform those feelings into positive action.  

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