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Stimulus Package Tour 

Summer 2020


Locations subject to change

These paintings are artifacts

Time capsules capturing the current zeitgeist

Prizes for posterity studying sankofa

Relics of times to be ancient that depict our culture

Answering questions anthropological

Tangible remnants of fleeting presents

To be immortalized and preserved by

Museums that aim to convey

Glimpses into chronologically distant

Epochs and eras

Living in the pandemic,

social revolution

and the Renaissance all converging

This art speaks to a time fleetin and lived second hand

when recollected by collections of objects embellished with images 

There's a bigger picture most don't see

Don't peruse the museums and galleries

to find antiquated displays of creative techniques

novel in their inceptual era

commonplace to some degree

when the lineage admires forefathers through emulation

and taking up the craft

the tradition

These paintings are marks in time

Fruit from trees that don't grow no more

Endangered species prized because

the mortality of the progenitor limits the production of like pieces

signified with symbols giving proof of the existence of a person

of a people

of a time necessarily Fleeting yet remembered by

survived by

solidified in the akashic

these paintings may be

one day

the last indication of our existence

to outlive the lovers and the indifferent

to be loved by their grandchildren

to be discussed in their classrooms media and at auctions

fueling Assumptions and conclusions drawn about history

and the spirit of the times

giving the dreamers pillars to uphold

fantasies about times long gone

messages encoded most go unnoticed

only conspicuous to neurons digesting the information

subtle soft power uplifting a nation

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