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Watch My Back

“Watch My Back”

(16”x20”; Acrylic on Canvas)

So I guess im supposed to raise myself

I guess im supposed to haze myself

condition myself

renditions for self

how much growth

can one self-stimulate?

you and your cold topics

striving for someone else’s greatness

in your mind, you could take it

not knowing the parables

our people uncovered

and how whats for me

aint for nobody but me

but i guess im supposed to teach myself

i guess im supposed to reach myself

i guess a village raisin the child

was what initiated a teacher’s help

so why am i

teaching self?

why do i

fight for prizes

when i can reach myself

dig deeper than my socialization

and eat myself

digest myself

understand myself

overstand myself

looking grand as well

i brandish this cold steel

but its my mind thats loaded

with coastal shells

that tell my tale and how we fell

from glory to hood stories

my history is my strongest weapon

knowledge of it I’m wielding

til my light shines through the darkness

and the sun fights to kiss roses

beneath concrete ceilings


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