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Too Hot Of A Topic feat. Erin

“Too Hot Of a Topic” Feat. Erin

(18”x18”; Acrylic on Canvas)

I look good

Point blank period

They hate on me

but they wait on me

spend dates on me

im the hottest topic

they love to lap me

in narratives that always articulate

an external perspective

so they relieve some aggression

me being caught in the direction

of nameless bullets

1shameless judgements they would

share with husbands

if they could and they cant so they wont

clutching to prudence

crutching on antiquated moral sentiments

that name your sexuality

as anomaly

dont let you have a progeny

the blind leading the blind

when puberty came where was ya mind

did it seek to describe hormonal changes

in everyday language

do you know what turns you on?

do you even know what you like?

do you intend to mix souls

and is your sex to your delight

do you enjoy it?

because you employ it

caught in rituals that allow your agency

to relax

and your conformation

to exercise


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