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All media (drawings, paintings, videos, art, etc.) on this entire site were created by, and remain the exclusive, intellectual property of, Davynte Pannell, artistically and philosophically known as Red [The Philosopher], unless stated otherwise. Feel free to share for educational purposes only.



436-438 Clinton Avenue Newark, NJ 07108

"Perseverance" (2017)  

by Red

"Struggle is Ubiquitous, Triumph is Personal." - D. Pannell

Our communities face many struggles at large that trickle down to the individual's plate. The aphorism, "the rain don't fall on one man's house" reigns true, as raindrops pour down on neighbors alike. Every house under the clouds enduring the same weather, yet finding a unique, person-specific way to cope with it. Some people wear umbrellas, some people wear parkas, some people drive so they worry less about walking in storms, but the same obstacle is given to everyone. The concept of the rose that pushes through concrete demonstrates the resilience, grit, and perseverance individuals embody as we plan for, endure, and overcome bad weather. Obstacles will always arise as challenges for anyone, everyone, and someone to address; the symbol of this resilient rose serves to remind passersby that yeah, we all got it bad, but we also got it good - good enough to get through the many and mini oppressions intended to undermine progress and test our faiths.