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"For Black Women" (2018) by Red

174 Avon Avenue Newark, NJ 07108

174 Avon Ave   Google Maps.png

The Black Woman is one vital component of the Black Family and Community. The extent of her importance cannot be understated here. In her survival against oppression, especially for African American women enduring American chattel slavery, She has transformed. In her adaptation to these circumstances, Black Women have demonstrated their versatility and originality - these alchemical processes included many births, rebirths, incarnations, transcendences, and becomings.


In these reinventions of the self, the psychology of the Black Woman, and others in general, have also been catalyzed. Her experiences of traumas, oppressions, and triumphs have changed her DNA, her mind, her nature and her nurture, her offspring, and therefore her people. In acknowledging our ugly pasts, we are able to process atrocities we've experienced and witnessed as a step towards coming to terms with any unfinished business and creating the lives we choose.


The Black Woman is a beautiful blessing to the world for she has seen the worst of it and creates the best from it; her dynamism has been the cause and effect of her survival. The struggle continues and so does her growth. She sheds layers, and creates anew; she endures pain and creates joy; she suffers her demons and wears her struggle as best she can; she survives hate and imbues love. She is not flawless; yet she is perfection. 


Music: Remiah Rudolph - A Different Way

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  • Remiah Rudolph - A Different Way
For Black Women Mural
Red the Philosopher, For Black Women Mural
Red the Philosopher, For Black Women Mural
Red the Philosopher, For Black Women Mural
Red the Philosopher, For Black Women Mural
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