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"Dads Matter" (2017)  

by Red

The connection between father and son is priceless. As the world turns, the old must invest in the youth to carry on antique torches. Chattel slavery antagonized the relationships between many fathers and sons in the Black community by separating the two through incarceration, death and media. Some sons grow up fatherless because of the father's means of providing for the family; others because the father is gone. In other cases, fathers may not value raising their son or may not see a feasible means to do so due to financial, psychological, social or even political factors. The power of manifesting a positive father-son relationship is the guidance, strength, and wisdom the young inherits from the old. In order for our community to thrive, and in order for the Black Family Dynamic to be repaired, this particular relationship needs growth, healing, and investment. The potential of the community is augmented when fathers successfully inspire and raise their sons to help carry the weight of the world.

Dad's Matter
Dad's Matter
Dad's Matter
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