"African American" (2019)

by Red

17 Homestead Park Newark, NJ 07108

What is an African American?

If Asians are from Asia, and Europeans are from Europe, where are African Americans from?

What distinguishes an African American from a Native American?

What distinguishes a Native American from a Mexican?

A Taino from a Puerto Rican?

A Puerto Rican from a Haitian?

Who were the Africans who came to the Americas before Columbus?

What did they look like?

What is common to all indigenous peoples?

What is different?

This mural suggests these, and more, questions.



Red painting African American mural in Newark, NJ.
Red painting African American mural in Newark, NJ.


This mural project was completed in partnership with Yendor LLC, City of Newark, and The Homestead Park Alliance. We thank you for this opportunity.

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