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Acrylic on Canvas


Imagine you stand before a tree. The leaves are beautiful, the bark is thick and strong, and the roots are expansive. It’s solid. You are close enough to hug it. The energy of the tree is fire but it casts a large shadow; blind spots form in all the areas we don’t attend to because we are consumed by the tree. What about the context? What is around the tree? In life, sometimes we so close to a thing we cannot see the forest from the trees. Sometimes we may get so wrapped up in working and making money that we don’t realize those small, everyday deposits with people - holding a door open, smiling at someone, offering a word of encouragement even to a stranger - develop into a mosaic, a bigger picture, a legacy of how kind we were to people, how we carried ourselves, and how we were a blessing to others.

The Forest from the Trees

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