December 31, 2016

December 31, 2016

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December 31, 2016

“Busta Bust Free” feat Erin

(24”x24”; Acrylic on Canvas)

Sometimes all we need

is music to name the experience

to encapsulate the struggle

to chew the unspeakable

into that which is felt


music chews it for us

empowers us to speak

on tough topics


a place where all...

December 31, 2016


(20”x16”; Acrylic on Canvas)

You call me crazy

but you fail to acknowledge what you’ve done

You call me crazy

but you played a dirty game and won

and continue to play

and delay

progress that would sway or keep at bay

my achievement

You call me crazy

I almost believe...

December 31, 2016

“Chill, Stop Playin”

(20”x20”; Acrylic on Canvas)




Stop Playin!

Stop Playin!

Stop Playin!

Stop Playin!

Stop Playin!




that’s why I’ll do it again.



December 31, 2016

“Too Hot Of a Topic” Feat. Erin

(18”x18”; Acrylic on Canvas)

I look good

Point blank period

They hate on me

but they wait on me

spend dates on me

im the hottest topic

they love to lap me

in narratives that always articulate

an external perspective

so they relieve some aggression


December 31, 2016

“Watch My Back”

(16”x20”; Acrylic on Canvas)

So I guess im supposed to raise myself

I guess im supposed to haze myself

condition myself

renditions for self

how much growth

can one self-stimulate?

you and your cold topics

striving for someone else’s greatness

in your mind, you co...

December 31, 2016


(16”x20”; Acrylic on Canvas)

No matter where

we find our home

No matter where

we lay our heads

No matter how we understand

what is done

and what is said

no matter who

or what

or why

no matter silence

or replies

no matter no thing

it does not change me

we are because

i am because...

December 31, 2016

“Sankofa” feat. Erin

(24”24”; Acrylic on Canvas)

Who is this man

that came along

I know his face

but not his song

Could it be I

thats lost in time

Or when I was caught

did he still hide

Or did he hide

Does he know the struggle

When I speak

will he catch my words so subtle

So cultura...

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